CCExpo Critical Communications Expo

Mission critical information and communications, professional mobile radio (PMR) and control rooms for critical infrastructures

Professional communications, command and control solutions

CCExpo 2017, 3 - 4 May, Congress Center, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Patron: Minister of State Peter Beuth, Minister of the Interior and Sport for the State of Hesse


In 2017 CCExpo will be organized again with all its elements including the ICR International Control Rooms Congress = 14th Official Control Rooms Congress as individual open specialized trade fair in the Congress Center of Messe Frankfurt. Frankfurt a.M. is easily accessible from anywhere in Germany and from abroad. The Federal State of Hess, the whole Rhine-Main region and the neighbouring Federal States offer innovative and economically attractive options.

CCExpo = Professional communications, command and control solutions perfectly connected

CCExpo Critical Communications Expo is the neutral platform for mission critical information and communications, professional mobile radio (PMR) and control rooms in all fields of critical infrastructure at national and international level. With this future-oriented concept as independent branch and user meeting CCExpo 2017 was already the 17th event covering this topic by EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH, the former organizer of PMRExpo from its begining in 2001, when Dr. Wehrstedt was the co-founder and gave the name of "PMRExpo", until its peak in 2012.
In 2004 the EMW-team organized for the first time the independently developed Control Rooms Congress and held it until 2012 in the frame of PMRExpo organized by EMW. This congress also found its continuation in the concept of CCExpo - in 2017 the 14th Official Control Rooms Congress.


CCExpo The forum for users!

Target groups:
Executives, project and system managers, developers, procurement officers, technicians, trainers and end-users of information and communications technologies in critical infrastructures:

  • State and administration
  • Energy
  • Information technology and telecommunication
  • Transport and traffic
  • Finance and insurance industry
  • Water
  • Health
  • Media and culture
  • Food

CCExpo is appreciated as technology and product show as well as interface for the information exchange far beyond police and non-police BOS with industry and utilities, transport and logistics, specialized trade as well as planners and installers. In the timeframe of CCExpo there are additional workshops and working group meetings taking place.