CCExpo Critical Communications Expo

Mission critical information and communications, professional mobile radio (PMR) and control rooms for critical infrastructures

Professional communications, command and control solutions

CCExpo 2017, 3 - 4 May, Congress Center, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Patron: Minister of State Peter Beuth, Minister of the Interior and Sport for the State of Hesse


In 2017 CCExpo will be organized again with all its elements including the ICR International Control Rooms Congress = 14th Official Control Rooms Congress as individual open specialized trade fair in the Congress Center of Messe Frankfurt. Frankfurt a.M. is easily accessible from anywhere in Germany and from abroad. The Federal State of Hess, the whole Rhine-Main region and the neighbouring Federal States offer innovative and economically attractive options.

  • Exhibition with renowned suppliers, 3 - 4 May 2017
  • Communications Congress, 3 May 2017
  • 14th Official Control Rooms Congress = 2nd ICR International Control Rooms Congress, 4 May 2017
  • Kick-off for the 2nd exercise series of the TEAMWORK crisis simulation software
  • Bluelight Forum for users, suppliers, technology, training
  • Briefing in the unique OSC Operation & Security Center of Messe Frankfurt
CCExpo = Professional communications, command and control solutions perfectly connected

CCExpo Critical Communications Expo is the neutral platform for mission critical information and communications, professional mobile radio (PMR) and control rooms in all fields of critical infrastructure at national and international level. With this future-oriented concept as independent branch and user meeting CCExpo 2017 is already the 17th event covering this topic by EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH, the former organizer of PMRExpo from its begining in 2001, when Dr. Wehrstedt was the co-founder and gave the name of "PMRExpo", until its peak in 2012.
In 2004 the EMW-team organized for the first time the independently developed Control Rooms Congress and held it until 2012 in the frame of PMRExpo organized by EMW. This congress also found its continuation in the concept of CCExpo - in 2017 the 14th Official Control Rooms Congress.


CCExpo 2015
  • Successful show in Germany’s capital with participants from 19 countries!
  • German premiere: Interactive patrol cars from 4 Länder Police Forces
  • Internationalisation of the Control Rooms Congress from 2016
  • Resource-saving concept of CCExpo for 2016 and 2017

CCExpo Critical Communications Expo 2015 took place under the patronage of Frank Henkel, Senator of the Interior and for Sports in Berlin and brought together 96 exhibitors from 10 countries and a total of 1,698 participants from 19 European countries and the USA on 6th and 7th October at Messe Berlin.

It comprised a specialized trade fair, the Communications Congress (225 participants), the Control Rooms Congress (278 participants), a special presentation of interactive patrol cars, three open forums in the exhibition hall as well as two  parallel events organized by BDBOS Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio. In addition to that the Cyber Security Council Germany organized two information events on the first day.


A real premiere for Germany was the high tech special show with four different interactive patrol cars presented by the Länder Police Forces of Brandenburg, Hamburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

Another highlight was the visit of the members of the PSRG Public Safety Radiocommunication Group.  Their meeting took place parallel to CCExpo on 7th and 8th October organized by BDBOS. The participants who work for security organizations in European member states visited the exhibition for a collegial exchange and to deepen their knowledge.


Participants’ comments 2015

“The Control Rooms Congress offers every year an insight into technical novelties and developments in the control centre market. This is indispensable for those responsible for control rooms.”
Siegfried Lorek
Head of Division Control Rooms, Telecommunications at the Presidium Technology, Logistics, Services of the Police of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Head of the experts group “Emergency Call” in Germany

“At this year‘s CCExpo in Berlin we had excellent opportunities to talk to users and decision makers in the BOS environment. The professional atmosphere and also the focus on control rooms and digital radio were particularly valuable for us.”
Dr. Christian A. Kappacher
Managing Director, eurofunk Kappacher GmbH

 “CCExpo was a huge success for our company and we could use this platform for many interesting talks with potential customers and interested parties.”
Stephan Koch
Senior Manager, Sopra Steria GmbH



Download of the final report on CCExpo 2015



CCExpo 2016

In light of the schedule situation within the governmental ICT sector and also tense resources in the public service as well as in the industry we have decided that there will not be an independent  CCExpo in 2016. The topics critical information and communications, BOS digital radio and control rooms we have offered equally and concentrated on the target group BOS in the subject field information and communications of the 9th GPEC International Exhibition & Conference for Police and Special Equipment.
Thus the efforts of exhibitors, visitors and conference participants will not be split up or even overstrained by a second event organized by EMW but focused in GPEC, the most representative overview of all subject fields for internal security from 7th to 9th June 2016 in Leipzig. Thus all ICT associated problems can be addressed even better and comprehensive to other subject fields of BOS and discussed with lectures among others about BOS digital radio, broadband, in-house coverage, IP transition, operational command systems, geo databases, communication analysis, encryption, special applications in the Bluelight Forum. For this purpose the confidential frame of GPEC as Europe’s leading closed specialized trade fair exclusively for authorities is consciously used.

For 12 years – both nationally and internationally unparalleled – EMW has organized the German Control Rooms Congress that annually brings together more than 250 participants. With this unique reference and in light of the facts that more than 500 control rooms in Germany amount about 50% of all control rooms in Europe and that the control centre environment and the existing suppliers currently change it is time to offer this platform beyond the German speaking region to users, system providers and constructors internationally. To achieve this, the Control Rooms Congress was offered content-related expanded with international examples and promoted worldwide.

On 8th June 2016 the 13th Official Control Rooms Congress  – organized by CCExpo = 1st International Control Rooms Congress, again moderated by Gerhard Schulz, Head Authorised Office, Police Hamburg; Head German working group control rooms took place in the CCL Congress Center Leipzig. Just like the Bluelight Forum IuK it was integrated in the frame of the 9th GPEC. Thus the organizer makes it possible for this target group to have an annually continuing intensive information exchange and also makes an important contribution to the economical use of resources of exhibitors and visitors.

CCExpo The forum for users!

Target groups:
Executives, project and system managers, developers, procurement officers, technicians, trainers and end-users of information and communications technologies in critical infrastructures:

  • State and administration
  • Energy
  • Information technology and telecommunication
  • Transport and traffic
  • Finance and insurance industry
  • Water
  • Health
  • Media and culture
  • Food

CCExpo is appreciated as technology and product show as well as interface for the information exchange far beyond police and non-police BOS with industry and utilities, transport and logistics, specialized trade as well as planners and installers. In the framework of CCExpo there are official and informal conferences and working group meetings.