Exhibitor Profile
  • devices and equipment manufacturers
  • net operators
  • system providers
  • system integrators
  • BOS, authorities with governmental and security tasks, rescue services
  • software design companies
  • planning and project offices
  • specialist suppliers and retailers
  • application designers
  • testing, inspection and certification agencies
  • education and training providers
  • organizations and associations
  • media
  • radios
  • antennas
  • radio networks
  • radio network components
  • mobile base stations
  • control rooms/centres
  • control room components
  • accessories
  • special radio and antenna installations
  • test and measurement equipment
  • infrastructure technology, incl. emergency power systems
  • power supply components
  • safety and security technology
  • software
  • applications
  • projekt planning and consultancy services
  • education and training services
  • publications
Prices for exhibitors GPEC 2018, 15th Official Command and Controll Room Congress

1. Registration fee (obligatory): EUR 300 (plus VAT) including

  • Inclusions in all GPEC exhibitor directories (show catalogue, homepage etc.) with company name and stand number
  • Entry in the official GPEC show catalogue according to specifications, incl. address details with company logo in colour and 2 product groups/brands

2. Rental charges for stand space

  • EUR 195 per sqm row stand (plus VAT) 


Surcharges for special positions

  • Corner stand (2 sides open, min. 16 sqm) + 10 %
  • head stand (3 sides open, min. 24 sqm) + 20 %
  • Island stand upon request

Rental costs are for exhibit space only; no walls, platforms or electrics are provided. Additional information about complete stand building, furniture rental, electricity and other exhibition services can be found in the Exhibitors’ Manual, that will be sent after the application confirmation.


The registration form for exhibitors is available here.