Portrait EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH

The company Exhibition & Marketing Wehrstedt GmbH was founded in 1999 by
Dr. Uwe H. Wehrstedt as independent spin-off for exhibition services of his
company MCW Media & Consulting Wehrstedt. In October 2015 MCW was fully integrated into EMW which since operated under the name EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH. Dr. Uwe H. Wehrstedt continues to serve as sole managing director and owner.

EMW organizes two own specialized trade fairs, specialized conferences cooperates with international exhibitions
  • GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference®
    International Exhibition & Conference for Police and Special Equipment, since 2000 every 2 years in Germany, since 2009 as co-organizer of GPEC ASIA in Malaysia
  • GPEC® digital
    Special exhibition on Digitization in the field of home affairs, beginning 2019 every two years and between as part of the general GPEC®
  • INTERPOL World - Verkaufsvertretung
    every two years in Singapor, Sales representation for the majority of Europe, Central and South America and South Africa

EMW was organizer of PMRExpo from its beginning in 2001 when Dr. Wehrstedt was the co-founder and created the name of "PMRExpo" until its peak in 2012. Our last PMRExpo in 2012 had 197 exhibitors from 17 countries and more than 3,200 participants from 34 countries.
Since 2004 we held our Congress for Command & Control Centres in the frame of PMRExpo, that has since developed to the “instance” for control room related topics in the German-speaking region. This congress is also part of our CCExpo now.

Expert symposia on security issues complete EMW’s field of activity, e.g. the congresses with crash tests on vehicle barriers and the events in co-operation with Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter (Association of German CID officers) and Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft (DPolG).


All details and up-to-date information on our events are available at www.Wehrstedt.org